Welcome to Rusty Operations!

Our server brings a premium experience, offering a mixture of rebalanced gameplay, premium plugins and new maps. For US and UK/EU players!

Rusty Operations is a PVP modded experience that focuses on keeping the authentic feel from vanilla, where you can play knowing everything has been balanced and tested. We have many functionalities including: a real time voting system for 1 of our 7 maps, plenty of quality-of-life improvements to the core game, and many more. Here, you can expect a fully dedicated experience in both the United Kingdom and United States of America with staff being in both regions too. We have a very friendly and respectful community backed through Discord and that has been growing since 2019.

We wipe biweekly.

The communities wants and needs are always at great interest to us, as we like to shape the community and all of it's features around it's members. This means that we love feedback on anything, whether it's a game server, the Discord server or the content we put out, we want to know how you feel about the way the community is going. We are always more than happy to have more people join the family so if you are interested make sure to join the heart of our community, our Discord server. We'd love to welcome you!

Meet The Team


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Rust Server Admin


Rust Server Admin


Rust Server Admin